Amphenol ICC BergStik® Unshrouded Headers

BergStik® 2.54mm unshrouded headers

BergStik® 2.54mm unshrouded headers are available in surface-mount (SMT), through-hole (THT), press-fit, stacking and pin-in-paste (PIP) versions. Designed in single and double row, they are available in straight or right angle options, from 2 to 72 positions.

Featuring a “breakaway” design, each connector can be cut or broken to length to suit the application profile. The maximum current rating is 3A per contact. This product range is extended with BergStik® 2.54mm unshrouded vertical headers in 0.25μm plating, available in standard sizes. It offers an economical solution for various applications. It is also specified up to 100 mating cycles.

BergStik® product range provides Board-to-Board, Wireto-Board and Cable-to-Board interconnect solutions for all electronic equipment and devices.

Amphenol FCI BergStik® 2.54mm unshrouded headers - Avnet Abacus

Features and benefits

  • High temperature thermoplastic material
  • Variable spacing height for stacking headers
  • Allow dual entry; mating from top or bottom
  • Blank 0.64mm square contacts presents 4 surfaces of equal quality
  • Standoff design
  • Duplex plating
  • Tin-lead plating in press-fit area
  • Retention legs option
  • Press-fit designed to fit 1.02mm diameter hole, solder-to board product
  • Meets DIN 41651 specification, HE13 and BT D2632
  • Reflow compatible
  • Cater to a wide range of applications
  • Suitable for mezzanine application and gives more flexibility in meeting different stack height requirements 
  • Can be used for wire wrapping
  • Allows cleaning to remove soldering contamination
  • Cost-efficient
  • Easy pin insertion onto PCB
  • High retention force onto PCB
  • Same layout on THT and press-fit
  • Qualified product
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