Aimtec Inc.

Avnet Abacus is an authorised Aimtec distributor throughout Europe.

Aimtec is a global designer and manufacturer of modular Isolated DC-DC switching power converters, AC-DC power supplies, switching regulators, EMC filters and LED drivers.  Headquartered in Montreal, Canada with offices in Europe and Asia, Aimtec’s standard products include DC-DC converters up to 200W, AC-DC converters up to 60W and LED drivers reaching 250W, which assist customers worldwide in reducing engineering design time and expenses while facilitating miniaturisation and performance enhancements in their end products. As an ISO 9001:2015 company, Aimtec follows stringent quality control procedures for all of their product lines with 100% burn in tests and military manufacturing standard (MIL STD 105D), as well as agency certification to worldwide standards (including IEC/UL/CE/TUV/NOM).

Delivering best in class service and products that provide exceptional performance and reliability at competitive prices is how Aimtec defines its value proposition.

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Internet of Things power converters

Aimtec has a wide product offering of power converters suitable for the ever growing IoT world. Be sure the check out their range of products and solutions, or get in touch with our team of technical specialists to discuss your design in more detail.

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Aimtec products and solutions

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AM150HB-NZ series 150 Watt DC-DC converter

Aimtec’s AM150HV-NZ series of 150 Watt DC-DC converters features a wide input range of 50 – 160V and efficiency up to 91%.


AM6CW-NZ series 6 Watt DC-DC converter

The AM6CW-NZ series of 6 Watt DC-DC converters from Aimtec features a wide 4:1 input voltage range, high efficiency up to 88% and 1500 and 2250 VDC isolation.


AM10/15/20EW-NZ series DC-DC converters

AM10/15/20EW-NZ series 10, 15 and 20 Watt DC-DC converters from Aimtec are available in single and dual output versions with up to 90% efficiency and an ultra-wide 4:1 input range.


AM8TW-Z series 8 Watt DC-DC converters

Aimtec AM8TW-Z 8 Watt DC-DC converters feature remote On / Off control, a wide 4:1 input range and operating temperature of -40°C to +85°C.