Heat pipes are great thermal energy transporters that use an evaporator and condenser in place of a solid conductor. While they don't dissipate heat themselves, heat pipes quickly move heat from one area of the heat pipe to another area. The aerospace industry has been a proving ground for heat pipe reliability, and has been used for decades in harsh and demanding environments.

Download our heat pipes white paper below to find out more about how heat pipes work and the types of projects they are suitable for.



Features Applications
  • Improves conduction paths of heat away from devices 
  • Extends thermal range of both natural and forced convection cooling
  • Aavid HiContact™ heat pipe embedding process improves thermal transfer 
  • Reduces overall cost and weight without increasing the volume in a base plate
  • Best passive cooling system with no moving parts 
  • Small diameter heat pipe assemblies provide greater thermal efficiency 
  • Large diameter heat pipe assemblies transfer greater power loads 


  • Aerospace 
  • Consumer electronics 
  • Servers 
  • Telecommunication 
  • Motor driver and controllers 
  • UPS
  • Transportation 
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