Meet the team

Led by the President, Nigel Ward, the members of the Executive Management Team drive the direction, business strategy and operations of Avnet Abacus within Avnet EMEA.

Nigel Ward, President

Nigel Ward is President of Avnet Abacus, the Avnet Electronics Marketing business specialising in interconnect, passive, electromechanical, power supply and battery products throughout Europe. Reporting to Miguel Fernandez, Avnet EM President, Nigel has overall responsibility for Avnet Abacus operations across the region.

Previously Regional VP, UK & Ireland with Avnet Abacus and Silica, he has held the positions of Sales Director of Abacus ECD and Sales Director at Abacus subsidiary Trident. Prior to this, he spent sixteen years at Abacus Group’s Micromark component distribution business, including six years as Sales Director.

Alan Jermyn, Vice President of Marketing

Alan Jermyn, Vice President of Marketing at Avnet Abacus, occupied senior management roles at the Abacus Group for a number of years.

Previous positions include General Manager ECD, General Manager of Dubilier and Eledis and Marketing Director of Micromark C&CD. He joined the Abacus Group in 2000 with the acquisition of passives distributor C&CD, where he was joint Managing Director. Jermyn has over 35 years’ experience in electronic component distribution.

Jeremy Wood, Vice President of Operations

Reporting to Nigel Ward, Avnet Abacus President, Wood has overall responsibility for Avnet Abacus Asset and Operational functions across the region.

Previously, Wood was Director of Operations at Abacus and responsible for Abacus’ IT and Warehousing  strategy. He joined Abacus in 1992 and was appointed to the Operational Board in 2005. He has spent the last 25 years in distribution in a variety of sales, asset, marketing and operational roles.

Headshot of Jeremy Wood

Rico Dornieden, Business Controller

Rico Dornieden is the Business Controller for Avnet Abacus, focussing on the key financial drivers of the business and how they can be improved. Prior to becoming Avnet Abacus Business Controller, he spent over six years as Senior Business Analyst for Avnet Abacus. He has a Masters degree in business and previously held similar roles at Sun Microsystems.

Headshot of Rico Dornieden

Kieron Murdock, Regional VP North

Kieron Murdock, Regional VP North for Avnet Abacus, is responsible for the Nordics, Benelux and UK & Ireland regions. Previously Director of Avnet Abacus UK & Ireland, Kieron has a 15 year track record in component distribution. He joined Abacus Group in 2003 as Subsidiary Manager for Abacus Solent and was subsequently appointed Regional Sales Manager, for UK south. Earlier in his career he was an Account Manager at Rutronik.

Headshot of Kieron Murdock

Marc Reiterer, Regional VP Central & Eastern

Marc Reiterer, Regional VP Central & Eastern at Avnet Abacus, is responsible for supporting the business in Central & Eastern Europe. Previously Regional Director Central Europe, he first entered electronic distribution in 1998. He worked for Spoerle Electronic and then as a Field Sales Engineer at Sasco, before the two companies merged to become Arrow Electronics.

Following time as Supply Chain Manager at Draeger Electronics, where he was responsible for Purchasing and the implementation of logistic solutions, he moved back into Distribution, joining Avnet in 2005. Previously Regional Sales Manager Bavaria with Avnet Time, he has held the positions of Sales Manager CE South and Sales Director CE before taking over responsibility for the business operations of Abacus in Central Europe and taking a role as Managing Director of Avnet EMG GmbH.

Mario Merino, Regional VP South

Mario Merino, Regional VP South, is responsible for Iberia, France and Italy. Previously Regional Director Iberia, he studied Electronics and Software Telecom Engineering and began his career as an electronics designer for Eliop in 1992. Four years later he joined SEI ADM as an FAE for Xilinx.

His career with Avnet began in 2000 when he moved into the role of Technical Manager at Avnet Memec and later as Portugal Sales Manager for Silica. He was appointed as Iberia Sales Manager for Avnet Abacus in 2013. Mario also has responsibility for the business of Avnet Silica in Iberia.

Headshot of Mario Merino

Henrik Günther, Nordic Director

Henrik Günther, Nordic Director at Avnet Abacus, was previously Managing Director of Abacus Conelec, a specialist electromechanical distribution business in the Nordic region.

He joined Conelec in 1993 as Sales Manager, a position that he continued to hold when the business was sold to Deltron. When Abacus acquired Deltron in 2006, he was promoted to Managing Director. Günther started his career with Tyco Electronics in 1987 in an external sales position.

Laurent Meunier-Beillard, Regional Sales Manager - France & North Africa

Laurent Meunier-Beillard,Regional Sales Manager, France and North Africa at Avnet Abacus, has thirty years’ experience in sales and marketing for IPE components, working at both distributors and manufacturers. 

He joined Avnet Time in 2003 as Business Development Manager for power products and was subsequently appointed as Technical Marketing Manager. Prior to this he had marketing and sales positions at Chloride, Convergie and UR group.

Headshot of Laurent Meunier-Beillard

Marco Donà, Country Director - Italy

Donà first entered the electronic distribution industry in 1978. Since then Donà has gained experience in various market sectors including semiconductor architecture, embedded devices and IP&E, working both for international companies and, for a limited period of time, managing his own company. In April 2008 he joined Abacus ECC after 16 years at Arrow.

Claudia Jocher, Regional Director - Austria & Eastern Europe

Jocher started her career in the IT industry, working for companies such as Compaq, Sun Microsystems and Informix as Sales Manager.  She has developed a great deal of experience in Eastern Europe through various sales roles since 1993, ultimately joining WBC (an EBV company) in 1998 and a year later becoming General Sales Manager for Eastern Europe, Greece and Turkey.

In 2005, Jocher joined Avnet Time as Director of Sales – Eastern Europe, Austria, Greece and Turkey. She continues in this role following the acquisition of the Abacus Group by Avnet in 2009, to become Regional Director, Austria & Eastern Europe.

Eddy Bollaart, Regional Director - Benelux

Eddy Bollart began his career in the electronics industry in 1990. He has a Bachelors degree in electronics, and has held positions in Rodelco (a Sonepar company) and Future Electronics. Bollaart joined Avnet Time in 2007 as a Regional Sales Manager, and following the acquisition of Abacus in 2009 he held various roles before his appointment as Regional Director Benelux in January 2017.

Mark McGill, Country Director – UK & Ireland

Mark McGill is the Country Director for Avnet Abacus in the UK & Ireland and also assumes the role of Country Director for Avnet Silica in the UK & Ireland. Mark joined the Abacus Group back in 2006 and has held an number of roles including Business Development Manager, Sales Manager and more recently as New Business Director.  Mark previously spent 9 years with Vishay.