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Brexit preparation at Avnet Components EMEA

Information for Customers and Suppliers regarding United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union     

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Avnet’s Response to News Reports about China’s Potential Restrictions to Rare Earth Elements

There have been numerous media reports regarding China potentially restricting its export of rare earth elements. Rare earth elements are a group of 17 chemically-similar elements that are critical to the manufacture of many products, including computer memory, rechargeable batteries, cell phones, fluorescent lighting, and electronics. According to news sources, China holds approximately 35% of global reserves of rare earth elements and accounted for 70% of global production in 2018.

In addition to monitoring media reports, our supply chain team has engaged directly with suppliers to gain their insight and perspective. We will continue to collaborate across our value chain with suppliers, customers, and other industry thought leaders to maximize our visibility on this complex matter.