Opulent Americas, Inc.

Opulent Americas accelerates the adoption of LED technology through simple, design-driven, modular products. As a fully integrated, global manufacturer for the LED lighting, automotive, and medical industries, Opulent Americas brings 30 years of experience and state-of-the-art products to customers in North and South America. Streamlined designs focus on off the shelf, UL-listed, modular products that complement custom design productoptions.From basic printed circuit boards, Opulent builds light engine MCPCBs, provides complete thermal solutions, assembles LEDs onto boards and manufactures the complete SSL product. The company’s R&D specializes in thermal design, optics, mechanical design, industrial design, electronics design, ASIC and PCB engineering. Opulent'sR&D is backed by a host of software tools complemented by state-of-the-art measuring, testing and validation equipment.Full traceability,advanced quality controls, strategic partnershipsandnumerous ISO certifications contribute to Opulent's distinction. Certifications included ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485 (medical) and ISO 16949 (automotive).

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