Molex is a leading global supplier of advanced electronic components and solutions. Molex views innovation as a tool for solving complex customer challenges. Through standard-setting products, high-performance people and a globally collaborative process, Molex is committed to anticipating tomorrow's needs and helping customers engineer breakthroughs that make the world better. Whether it's inside the latest smartphones, the trusted home appliance or the connected car, Molex designs and manufactures solutions that make life easier.

Molex BittWare

BittWare, a Molex company, provides FPGA solutions, based on Xilinx & Intel technologies, to deliver processing power for demanding applications in compute & data center, military/aero, instrumentation & test, financial services, broadcast & video.

New Innovative Products from Molex

Molex provides a wide variety of innovative products to help solve your next design challenges. See what’s new this month.

Connected Home

Today’s antennas transmit and receive unprecedented amounts of data, key in engineering the connected homes of tomorrow. From security and surveillance to home automation and energy solutions, Molex can turn the smart home dream into reality.

Automotive Solutions

Interconnect products including PAP & Mylar-version Stac64™, MX64™ Sealed (USCAR approved), DuraClik™ SMT Wire-to-Board, Mini50™ Unsealed System (USCAR 050 interface) and stAK50h™ Infotainment System.

LED Solutions

Space-saving interconnect solutions for device designs using LED products.


Sensing Solutions

Connector products for on board or off board Sensor power or signal requirements Brief: Learn how the Brad® Ultra-Lock™ Connection System helps reduce ergonomic.

Wireless Solutions

Multi-band Cellular and Combo Cellular/Wi-Fi Flexible and Wireless Module Interconnect Solutions

NNXP, Connect i.MX Application Processors with Molex Interconnect Products

Connecting Molex with NXP i.MX processors

The solution comes in the form of two kits, the Agate LS1021A Gateway Kit and the Agate Cellular Connectivity Kit.

IoT Ecosystem

The Transcend PoE Gateway is a low voltage power distribution and network connected system that utilizes PoE technology.

AT&T 2nd Generation IoT Starter Kit

This System-on-Module IoT solution is suitable for system prototyping as well as mass production of cellular connected custom devices.

 AT&T 2nd Generation IoT Starter Kit

Avnet’s Global LTE IoT Starter Kit

Powered by AT&T IoT services available through Avnet, this kit provides a complete development environment for sensor to cloud applications and services.