Laird Connectivity

Laird Connectivity simplifies and enables wireless technologies with market-leading wireless modules and antennas, integrated sensor and gateway platforms, and customer-specific wireless solutions. Our best-in-class support and comprehensive engineering services help reduce risk and improve time-to-market. When you need unmatched wireless performance to connect electronics with security and confidence, Laird Connectivity delivers — no matter what.

Sentrius™ IG60 Wireless IoT Gateway

The Sentrius IG60 connects Bluetooth sensors and legacy serial equipment to the cloud, offering secure out-of-the-box connectivity for gathering actionable IoT intelligence.

Sentrius™ RS1xx LoRaWAN Sensor

The RS1xx is a battery-powered, long-range sensor platform that uses LoRaWAN and BLE. Small, rugged, and easily-configurable, monitor