Elmos Semiconductor is a developer and manufacturer of semiconductor-based system solutions, best known for the development, production, and sale of mixed-signal semiconductors. Numerous application opportunities exist in industrial and consumer goods applications, for example in motion detectors, gesture and movement recognition, smoke detectors, or products with electric motors.

HALIOS®: #1 in Automotive Gesture Control

Real time measurement results, proximity and gesture recognition, immunity against ambient light, scalable solutions and outstanding sunlight immunity.

Unleash your Creativity. Don’t Worry About Configuration

Battery supply voltage 5V to 28V, 3 high-precision current mode LED driver, 4 independent PWM generators with 16 bit resolution and 48MHz clock.

Elmos: The Intelligence for Your Sensor

The Intelligence for Your Sensor

Key Features include: Linearization and temperature compensation for MEMS, thick and thin film sensors. Selectable output: analog (0..3.3V / 0..5V / 0..10V | 4..20mA) and digital (SENT | I2C / SPI w. / wo. CRC | PWM/FM)

Elmos Ultrsonic Sensors brochure

Ultrasound: Far more than parking

Key Features include: Outstanding ultrasound measurement performance, high sensor robustness, excellent sensor and IC diagnostics, flexible controller solutions and fast communication interfaces.

PMSM motor control for low noise and high efficiency driver

Solutions available for BLDC motor controller, small actuator, and low cost - low noise blower applications.

Always keep cool at 450mA. Unique Thermal Management.

Key Features include: Operating input voltage range 5V to 25V, max 40V, Integrated Linear current drivers: Three times 150mA per channel or 450mA in parallel mode (E522.80-83) and Three times 55mA per channel or 165mA in parallel mode (E522.90-93)