Power Management


Power management is used to manage and control the power to multiple devices within a design.  In today green environment processing, interface and other solutions are designed with onboard power saving features which need controlling, such as standby, shut down and different power input sources for core and peripheral power. Power management is used typically in all applications but low power applications such as hand held devices, Industrial, Communication and IoT all use power management and control devices. 

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Power Management
Maxim Power Solutions, bike ride, mobile devices, app

Maxim Power Solutions

Maxim offers a wide range of integrated circuits for power conversion, control and battery management applications in industrial, communications, automotive, consumer and medical markets.

microchip evaluation board


Read more about Microchip’s power modules, DEPA (digitally enhanced power analog)/PWM Controllers, analog switching regulators (buck & boost), LDOs and MOSFET Drivers.

Dialog Power Solutions

Dialog offers programmable mixed-signal matrix devices and high performance integrated power switches for your power design needs

Vishay power solutions component pieces


VISHAY offers a wide variety of devices to assist in all of your power design needs. Products include capacitors, inductors, resistors and full MOSFET portfolio all optimized to support your next discrete power conversion project.