Power Supplies


An electronic device that supplies electric energy to an electrical load, the primary function of Power Supply components is to convert one form of electrical energy to another. Power Supply devices are sometime referred to as electric power converters and used in such applications as computer power supply, welding power supply and AC adapters. 

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Power Supply
Bel Power Solutions

Bel Power Solutions

Bel offers medical & industrial power supplies for your design needs. Products include: AC/DC, DC/DC, DIN rail and more!

delta electronics, standard power supplies

Delta Electronics

Delta offers AC/DC power supplies for all applications, including industrial and medicals. Products include open frame, enclosed, adapters, DIN rail and LED drivers.

Sic Power devices

ROHM SiC Power Devices

MOSFETs enable low loss and high temperature operation in smaller form factors compared to standard silicon. Reserve recovery times in Schottky Barrier Diodes provide high speed switching that’s impossible with silicon FRDs.

Vishay power solutions component pieces


VISHAY offers a wide variety of devices to assist in all of your power design needs. Products include capacitors, inductors, resistors and full MOSFET portfolio all optimized to support your next discrete power conversion project.