Sensors & Transducers


Products designed to detect the state of the world enable electronic systems to sample their surroundings in order for control systems to act upon them. Examples include temperature, pressure, light levels, sound, moisture, gas presence, proximity, field strength, vibration and movement. 

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Sensors & Transducers


Surface Mount Current Sensing Solutions

Stackpole offers a wide range of current sensing resistors and shunts for use in power management applications, DC to DC converters, electric motor controls and a wide range of applications in portable electronic devices.

Stackpole sensing resistors and shunts

TE Connectivity

Smarter Sensor Solutions

TE Connectivity (TE) sensor technologies are capable of measuring most physical characteristics contributing to a safe, green and connected world, even in harsh conditions. Each sensor product line supports multiple end markets and applications.

TE Connectivity sensors


SensorTile Development Kit

This development kit simplifies prototyping, evaluation and development of innovative solutions.

STMicroelectronics SensorTile Development Kit

The Internet of Things (IoT)

You hear about the Internet of Things (IoT) more and more with each passing day. You’re ready to capitalize on what IoT can offer your business and your customers. One thing’s for certain, there is no simple, one size fits all approach to IoT.

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