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ON Semiconductor is a preferred supplier of high performance silicon solutions to customers in the computing, communications, consumer, automotive, medical, industrial, and military/aerospace markets. The company's broad portfolio includes power management, signal, logic, discrete, and custom devices. ON Semiconductor operates a network of manufacturing facilities, sales offices and design centers in key markets throughout North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific regions.

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Now you see me!

Sensing in low light conditions

See the formerly unseen with ON Semiconductor's image sensors equipped with technologies which enhance the sensor’s ability to capture images under challenging light conditions. 

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ON Semiconductor (formerly Fairchild) is a leader in the design and production of optoelectronics devices. Learn more.

ON Semiconductor


The FOD8332 is an advanced 2.5 A output current IGBT drive optocoupler capable of driving medium-power IGBTs with ratings up to 1,200 V and 150 A.

ON Semiconductor

IoT Development Kit

ON Semiconductor's highly flexible IoT Development Kit provides solutions for easier design and accelerates time to market.

ON Semiconductor


The FOD3150 is a 1.0A output current gate drive optocoupler, capable of driving most 800V/20A IGBT/MOSFET.

ON Semiconductor


The FOD8342 series is a 3.0 A output current gate drive optocoupler, capable of driving medium-power IGBT/MOSFETs.