InnoSenT develops, produces and markets radar sensors and systems for our national and international B2B customers since 1999. InnoSenT is the qualified and innovative contact for all microwave based sensors and belongs to the market leaders in the automotive and industrial sectors worldwide. On a daily basis our customers take advantage of the combination of the experience of long-term employees and the investment in new technologies and equipment. As a result we provide state-of-the-art products at a market-driven price to our customers. Our main focus is on customer specific developments and with more than 2.000.000 fabricated sensors per year InnoSenT is also well known as a high reliable manufacturer of sensors and systems. InnoSenT’s product portfolio covers market requirements like comfort (e.g. automatic switching and control), safety (area protection, shutdown and alert functions) and environmental protection (e.g. the reduction of energy and water consumption by adapted control). The new developed, innovative systems of the iSYS-series determine distance, speed and angles of moving or stationary objects by using electromagnetic waves touch-free and independent of environmental influences.

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