ARX Group Limited

Based in the heart of Asia, ARX Group specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of high performance Thermal Management products for OEM manufactures of enclosure-based electronics and electrical equipment. Their target customers are Global OEMs in telecommunications, server, automotive, industrial and lab / medical equipment. To be globally competitive, ARX Group has direct presence in Hong Kong and manufacturing facilities in China and in Taiwan.

ARX Group is constantly expanding its product lines to meet current and future customer needs. They are determined not only to address customer current requirements but also to anticipate their emerging needs and opportunities. Their research and development team and product engineers constantly take these needs into account, to advance materials and refine products.

ARX work with distributor Avnet Abacus, with offices throughout the European continent, to provide local and real time expertise in each European country. ARX Group also support technical designs to companies located throughout Asia, North and South Americas, Australia and parts of Africa.