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随着设计周期的加快和竞争的加剧, 您需要的不再仅仅是零件。您应该获得的是解决方案。

CMOS Image Sensor, 1.3 MP, 1/4", Rolling Shutter AR0143AT

1/4−inch CMOS digital image sensor with a 1344Hx968V active−pixel array. It captures images in either linear, high dynamic range, or LFM modes, with a rolling−shutter readout.

ON Semiconductor’s AR0143AT 1/4-inch CMOS digital image sensor

Image Signal Processor, 1 MP AP0101AT

A dedicated automotive image co-processor that enables flexible camera platforms using high performance ON Semiconductor megapixel high dynamic range (HDR) sensors.

ON Semiconductor's AP0101AT High-Dynamic Range (HDR) Image Signal Processor (ISP)

CMOS Image Sensor, 4 MP, 1/3-inch AR0430CS

It is designed for IoT and security cameras. In standard imaging mode, it can provide high quality imaging for both day and night lighting conditions perfect for security cameras.

ON Semiconductor's AR0430CS CMOS image sensor

CMOS Image Sensor, Digital, Global Shutter, 1.0 MP, 1/4-Inch AR0144CS

With an active-pixel array of 1280H x 800V. It incorporates a new innovative global shutter pixel design optimized for accurate and fast capture of moving scenes.

ON Semiconductor's AR0144CS CMOS Image Sensor

Single P-Channel Power MOSFET -60V, -14A, 52mΩ NVTFS5116PL

Automotive Power MOSFET in a 3x3mm flat lead package designed for compact and efficient designs and including high thermal performance.

ON Semiconductor's NVTFS5116PL power MOSFET

Trench Schottky Rectifier, Very Low Leakage, 120V, 8A, NRVTS8120E

The NRVTS8120EMFS is Very Low Leakage Trench-based Schottky Rectifier. This new technology allows low forward voltage drop without the high reverse leakage tradeoff experienced with planar Schottky rectifiers.

 ON Semiconductor's NRVTS8120EMFS very low leakage trench-based Schottky rectifier

Isolated high current & high efficiency IGBT gate driver NCV57001DWR2G

NCV57001 is a high−current single channel IGBT driver with internal galvanic isolation, designed for high system efficiency and reliability in high power applications.

ON Semiconductor's NCV57001 high-current single channel IGBT drive