百富电子有限公司(Bel Fuse Inc.)面向全球市场生产高质量的电子元器件。作为一家业内领先公司,百富设计、制造和销售众多产品,包括直流/直流转换器、变压器及连接器模块、保险丝和延迟线。百富产品广泛用于网络应用(局域网/广域网)、电信、高速数据传输、计算机和电源应用以及汽车和消费电子市场。

Power Solutions

Avnet offers a wide range of world-class power conversion products from Bel Power Solutions, including DC-DC converters and power supplies.

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ABC/MBC41 Series Ultra-Low Profile AC-DC Power

The ABC/MBC41 Series is available in a PCB mount format, facilitating a simple embedded integration onto the user’s main PCB assembly.

Bel ABC-MBC41 Series Ultra-Low Profile AC-DC Power Supplies

Products and brands

With more than 65 years in the electronics industry, Bel is a trusted name in providing highly engineered products that Power, Protect and Connect electronic circuits.