Nuvoton Technology

Nuvoton Technology Corp. was established in July 2008 as an affiliate of Winbond Electronics Corp.. Nuvoton has extended Winbond's product lines of Computer Logic IC business; core technology, partnerships; customers and sales etc. prior to the curve-out, as well as continues to enhance product innovation and to comprehend the needs of terminal application market, and provide superior service to our customers based on the existing foundation

Nuvoton holds a high market share of the motherboard I/O controller as we inherited Winbond's years of experience in Computer Logic ICs related field. We continually launched more products, like TPM (Trusted Platform Module) and Sideshow controller etc., to meet the diversified application requirements of the computer systems. The consumer ICs focus on the product design of speech ICs, multimedia ICs. We have earned customers' trust by performing profound design capability.

● Voice/Audio Recording IC
● Voice/Audio Codec