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WWT/Palo Alto Server Search

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A college student technology competition

2016 WWT/Palo Alto Server Search Winners:
The University of Advancing Technology

Team Name:
Server Killers

Roger Brambila
Eddie Sanchez

Faculty Coach:
Al Kelly

WWT/Palo Alto Server Search​ - ​

Event Description​:

Maximum number ​of teams: 6​
Students per team: 1-2

Students will be challenged to penetrate a server to collect data. Using a laptop running Kali 2.1 students will need to access information on a server with a range of security levels and present their findings.


Acme Marketing thinks their company’s computer server is secure enough. In order to sell them the security products they need you must first show them how vulnerable there server is and how the information on their server is in fact needing to be secured.

Disciplines/ Skills Recommended:

  • Security knowledge
  • Linux
  • Networking
  • ​Kali 2.1

Students will be using a laptop in a lab environment. The laptop will be connected from a switch to the server. Students will then be required to gather, upload, or change information on the server. All teams will compete to gather information. The difficulty will start easy and escalate to become more challenging. Students will find security vulnerabilities and present the findings to the judges.

Equipment Requirements:

Students -
Nothing is required

Venue -
Laptop loaded with Kali
Server running VMware 5.5 with other virtual machines Switch
Palo Alto Firewall


Registration closes – Feb. 29, 2016
Welcome email, including toolsets defined for teams – March 4, 2016
Presentation time slots assigned – March 25, 2016
Game Day: April 2, 2016


Each winning team member will receive a $1,000 scholarship.


​​The 2016 Avnet Tech Games winners and faculty sponsors were hosted to a behind the scenes look at how a multi-billion dollar technology company runs.​


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