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Social Media Mania

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A college student technology competition

2016 Social Media Mania Winners:
The University of Advancing Technology

Team Name:

Andre Wiggins
Christina Bilbo
Garrett Reuscher
Angela Bennett

Faculty Coach:
James Gordon

Social Media Mania ​ – Using Amazon Web Services (AWS) toolsets to collect, collate, analyze, and present data: The teams will be given access to the tool sets to collect data from social media on Spring Break 2016, collate the data they collect, visualize the data and present a marketing plan/selling strategy for Spring Break 2017.


Event Description:

​Maximum number of teams: 5
Students per team: 2-4

The Challenge:

Acme Marketing wants to create a sales and marketing program for Spring Break 2017 using data collected from social media channels.

The goal is to better position their customers to take advantage of the many outreach and sales opportunities associated with Spring Break. Acme wants to avoid any controversial topics in order to limit their customers' liability, but still tap into the fun and excitement of Spring Break.

Using Amazon Web Services (AWS) toolsets, data about Spring Break will be collected and provided to the each team. The teams will collate the collected data, visualize the data and present a marketing plan/selling strategy for Spring Break 2017 to a panel of judges.  



Acme Marketing has many customer types. Some of their notable customer segments include hospitality, restaurants, non-alcoholic beverages, consumer electronics, clothing and retail.

AWS toolsets may include, but are not limited to EMR and Red Shift with a visualization tool overlay.

In developing the solution and presentation, students should consider the following questions:

  • What did you learn from the data?
  • What do you think the benefits of this data will be in planning for Spring Break 2017?
  • What were the most important/least important pieces of data?
  • How can the data be used to plan for Spring Break 2017?
  • What data did you think was missing? 

Teams will create a proposal that contains the following:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, including additional reference material, if applicable
  • Diagrams, physical data models, if applicable

Each team will have 10 minutes to present their sales and marketing program presentation to the judges. This will include time for the judges to ask questions. 

Disciplines/ Skills Recommended:

  • Marketing and presentation skills, including cost-to-value analysis
  • Information Technology skills
  • Strategic analysis

Consider the benefit of a well-rounded team to ensure you are covered on each of these skill sets. 

Students should come prepared to analyze the data stream, craft their recommendations and prepare a brief presentation to the judges. The presentation should contain:

  • Situation analysis
  • Evaluation of the data set
  • Innovative marketing solutions

Students will be contacted prior to game day with more specific information regarding the toolsets and their presentation time slots. On game day, students will be provided with a PC or laptop connected to an overhead projector. Students will be provided a PowerPoint template for their presentation. 

Equipment Requirements:


Nothing needed but any additional resources helpful in crafting a presentation are welcome. Students will create, save and pull down their presentations from the AWS cloud.

Venue -
PC or Laptop connected to a digital projection system


Registration closes –
Welcome email, including toolsets defined for teams – March 4, 2016
Presentation time slots assigned – March 25, 2016
Game Day Presentation: April 2, 2016


Each winning team member will receive a $1,000 scholarship.


​​The 2016 Avnet Tech Games winners and faculty sponsors were hosted to a behind the scenes look at how a multi-billion dollar technology company runs.​


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