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Community Partnerships

Avnet Community Partnerships

Understanding that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole, Avnet works closely with suppliers, customers and vendors to expand its impact in the community. The strategy is working - PR News honored Avnet with a Corporate Social Responsibility Award for stakeholder engagement.

Avnet Community Partnerships - ICAN

ICAN (Phoenix, Ariz., USA) - When Avnet donated $20,000 to Improving Chandler Area Neighborhoods (ICAN), the company had no idea just how big a difference it would make for Chandler youth.
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Avnet Community Partnerships - HandsOn Phoenix Hands On Greater Phoenix (formerly known as Make a Difference) (Phoenix, Ariz., USA) - For 14 years, Avnet employees have donated time, sweat and elbow grease to help make Phoenix-area schools better places for local children.
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Avnet Community Partnerships - Northern Illinois Food Bank

Northern Illinois Food Bank (Chicago, Ill., USA) - Avnet's Chicago office was recently named Volunteer Corporation of the Year for spending more than 800 hours sorting and packaging donated food items.
Avnet Community Partnerships - NPower NPower (Phoenix, Ariz., USA) - Avnet has partnered with NPower on several community sponsorships. Taking this relationship one step further, Avnet employees meet with NPower to provide coaching, mentoring and networking information. And, leveraging several different resources and focusing efforts, Avnet helped NPower's nonprofit clients with technical improvements, donating high- end computer systems loaded with software and licenses.

Avnet Community Partnerships - United Way

United Way (USA) - Like snowflakes, no two Avnet locations are the same. In addition to having different traditions, they also approach challenges differently while accomplishing outstanding results - something especially evident when several locations recently completed successful United Way campaigns.
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Avnet Community Partnerships - Ventura County Children's Services Auxiliary

Ventura County Children's Services Auxiliary (Woodland Hills, Calif., USA) - Because it is located near Los Angeles - the second-largest city in the United States - Avnet's Woodland Hills, Calif. team felt like a small fish in the community relations pond.
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Avnet Community Partnerships - YMCA

YMCA (USA) - From participating on boards to providing $100,000 for a state-of-the-art teen technology center to raising funds at an annual golf tournament, Avnet is actively involved in helping make communities like Boston, Dallas, Phoenix and San Jose better places.
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