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What Customers Say About Avnet

See why Avnet is one of the largest distributors of electronic components, computer products and embedded technology serving customers globally.

"I cannot say enough positive things about my Avnet experiences. They are so accessible and thorough. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. They translate complex processes and concepts so well. They are a key piece of my own success."
Audra K.
Advanced Marketplace Inc.

Shanghai Foxboro Co Ltd.

"Avnet is our most important partner. The Avnet people I deal with always seem to go out of their way to help make us successful."
Paul M.
Ambient ID Inc.

HW Zhao
Cambridge Industries (Shanghai) Co Ltd.

"I wanted to take the time and express my appreciation of Avnet's ability to make process improvements that make my job easier. I am honored to work with a great staff of professionals who care about Logicalis and our customers."
Jean L.
Logicalis, Inc.

JN Chen
Beijing Raisecom Science

"The customer service of the SERVICES department is Bar none the best. Quick, accurate and to the point. I've have some go out of their way to answer my questions. and I made the sale due to their swiftness to get the answer I needed."
Kimberly K.
Compu-Tech, Inc.

"感谢Avnet 给予的支持。"
HJ Wang
Tcl Mobile Communication Co. Ltd.

"Paul A. has done an excellent job providing value to INS. His program knowledge and execution have been instrumental in our ability to succeed. Paul's ability to communicate the Avnet value prop is the main reason we transitioned our ECP relationship to Avnet, his ability to deliver on those programs (which are much more polished than our previous ECP) continues to satisfy and typically exceed our expectations."
Dave L.

SY Yu,
Salira (China) Network Systems, Ltd.

"Tammy has continually worked to understand our business, build a relationship with Engineering and Purchasing, and is proactive in seeking ways to provide what we need. She maintains a good balance between concern for our business needs and her sales role for Avnet."
John K.
Enseo, Inc.

"People that care about what I am doing and are motivated and want to help me are just as important as people that know technical things. Avnet is the only company that I have dealt with that consistently sends people that really care my way."
Steve H.
FlexRadio Systems

YP Zhou
Shanghai Murphy Electronic

"You have some of the best account managers and field application engineers in the business serving our account."
Dan H.
Miramar Labs

S Xiao
Googol Technology (Shenzhen)

"The inside sales people do a great job of servicing your customer's accounts. A lot of different sources have the parts we need; some at the same price as Avnet, but it is the confidence and support we get from your sales reps, that give you the edge over the competition."
Sandy G.
Janco Electronics

"I have worked with Avnet for about 10 years now and have always been pleased with the overall product Avnet offers. As a smaller company we are always looking for a competitive price while still demanding on time delivery and Avnet provides that on a daily basis. Furthermore it is always a pleasure to deal with our experienced Sales team and look forward to continuing and improving our business relationship."
Dan H.
Keystone Electronics

"祝福AVNET "
HW Jiang
Hisense Electric Co Ltd.

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